Medium Gift Packs- Girls

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Medium Gift Packs


This selection is for girls but is not limited to girls only


Gift Pack Contains:

Plaster of Choice

1 paint brush

5 acrylic paints at random

Foam tray and Cellophane bag



Mermaid: 19cm * 7.5cm

Bird House: 16cm * 10cm

Bird Plaque: 15cm * 15cm

Minnie Mouse: 14cm * 11cm

Butterfly Plaque: 21cm * 16cm

Mickey: 13cm * 12cm

Tweety: 13cm * 12cm

Teddy: 14cm * 13cm

Fairy: 18cm * 14cm

Winnie The Pooh: 19cm * 14cm

Unicorn: 14cm * 13cm

Butterfly: 15cm * 12cm

Princess Photo Frame: 15cm * 13cm


Additional paints and brushes can be purchased here