Medium Gift Packs- Superheroes & Other Characters

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Medium Gift Packs- Superheroes And Other Characters


All gift packs contain:

Plaster of Choice

1 paint brush

5 Acrylic Paints

Foam tray and Cellophane bag


Characters Choices:

Spiderman: 16cm*11cm

Batman: 18cm*10cm

CP30: 23cm*8cm

Pirate: 21cm*13cm

Minion 2 eye: 14cm*16cm

Bananas In Pyjamas: 20cm*13cm

Minion 1 eye: 14cm*16cm

Legoman: 20cm*13cm

Paw Patrol Emblem: 16cm*14cm

Wonder Woman: 16cm Diameter 

Captain America: 16cm Diameter 

Superman: 19cm*13cm