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Eco Options

Eco Options

Hi There,

When Che and I started our little home business we wanted to offer our community in Singleton NSW an affordable option to occupy the kids. 

PM Plaster Craft has grown over the last 2 years more than we could ever have imagined. There is obviously a need for our handmade plaster craft items not just in our town but all over Australia.

We have quite a few PM Plaster Craft fans who are eco conscious so we think it's time to evolve our packaging and really be accountable for what we put out into the world.

On this website we are giving you the choice of Affordable or Eco packaging and the reason we are doing this is to still offer a cheaper alternative and not forcing you the customer on which option to buy, Being eco-friendly is not instant, it's a progressive journey and not everyone is at the same point as others.

Eco Options:

Party Favours $3.50:

Paper Kraft Bag with Wooden Handle Paint Brush.

* 2 Viles of Non-Toxic Acrylic paint- Viles are plastic, these are hard to find an alternative for.


Gift Packs $5.50-$15.50:

Cardboard Kraft trays or Bamboo Pulp plates with a Calico Bag and a wooden handle paint brush.

Paint tubs for gift packs are Compostable, Please make sure you clean paint thoroughly before composting.

*Small gift packs will have plastic viles as these are hard to source an alternative.


Bulk Packs $25+:

We have wooden handle paint brushes and bamboo pulp sauce conatiners for the paint. Please don't order these too far in advance as the bamboo pulp dries out the paint (Max 2 weeks bofore needed).



We generally use bubble wrap but you can choose to add an eco friendly wrapping for your product. In your cart simply select which "gift wrapping option" you would like. Selecting this once for your whole order should be enough. We have to charge this seperately as our eco option is currently triple the price of bubble wrap.


How To Purchase Our Eco Options:

On each product page there should be a drop down menu to select our eco options with the exception of our bubble wrap replacement, instructions above.