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Plaster Painting Fundraising Box

PM Plaster Craft. Handmade plaster painting kits

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                Plaster Painting Fundraising Box

Looking for a unique fundraising idea, something different to your typical pie drive... Our Plaster Painting Fundraising Box is sure to add some colour to your next school or sporting group fundraiser and at the same time your're supporting a small family business.

What is in each box:

10 Small Sized Plaster Party Favours RRP $3.50- $5.00ea

Plus an envelope to record sales and collect funds in.

Each Favour contains 1 small plaster- Sizes Vary from 6-12cm

                               1 Paint Brush

                               3 Non-Toxic Acrylic Paints

                               Cellophane Bag

Designs we use in our fundraising boxes here

How much will my school or charity make:


Your Set Price: $$ You Raise/Box
$3.50 $5.00
$4.00 $10.00
$4.50 $15.00
$5.00 $20.00


How soon will my order be shipped?

We will always have enough supplies to ship 50 Boxes within 2-3 Business Days. Orders of 50 or more will be made to order, we are currently working towards having enough stock for more than 50 units.

Larger orders please contact us For an estimate and to organise payment. Usual time frame to assemble larger orders may be from 2-4 weeks before being shipped


Can we keep shipping costs down?

If you are located up to 1.5hrs away from Singleton NSW we may be able to deliver these ourselves to save on shipping, Please contact us to organise a suitable time. There is an option in the checkout for free delivery/pick up.

Your more than welcome to pick up if you are further than 1.5hrs away, please contact us for a suitable time.